Short fiction and poetry, arranged at your fancy.

Dream Soft, Dream Big   Future Tense   fiction 2020 Dec 5400 words

Complete the sequence—the wheel, the printing press, the transistor ... what’s next?

softening, come morning   Fantasy Magazine   poetry 2020 Dec 84 words

I am standing next to / the unsunken earth

Proof of Existence   Uncanny Magazine   fiction 2020 Nov 6100 words

No flashing light, no puff of smoke. This isn’t the movies.

  • Read by Joy Piedmont for the Uncanny Magazine Podcast, 2020.

free referral   Glass: A Journal of Poetry   poetry 2020 Nov 110 words

I am peerless in regret.

Ornithology   gaze   poetry 2020 Nov 50 words

not because they are easy, / but because of the disease.

Chicken Time   Recognize Fascism, World Weaver Press   fiction 2020 Oct 4600 words

Bawk bawk!

synthia.py   Fireside   fiction 2020 Oct 1200 words

I want to pour my head out from my left ear into your new chalice.

anatomicon   Twisted Moon   poetry 2020 Aug 170 words

this is / the specter of blue, the sky, / all of it.

to my ghost by the sound   Twisted Moon   poetry 2020 Aug 190 words

opaque pang they would call / love, that rarefied thing

hurricane eye, neat | braking before the crash   Prism Review   poetry 2020 Jun 130 words

mix equal parts helpless and culpable. form into original shapes.

Victor St.   Reckoning   poetry 2020 Mar 190 words

I remember my first death / under dim lights.

on the nuclear porch,   Reckoning   poetry 2020 Mar 140 words

sipping what we cannot / swallow.

Only Treading   Wizards in Space   poetry 2020 Feb 190 words

Here amidst the Pacific / I have forgotten dryness.

[themalign]ed | energia   pioneertown   poetry 2020 Feb 180 words

that thrumming when you’re near

How to leave the planet   Fireside   poetry 2020 Feb 110 words

others first, then us.

Recollecting soil   Qwerty Magazine   poetry 2020 Jan 130 words

the kind of thing you build / by hand, two of

denaturing   Alegrarse Journal   poetry 2019 Dec 100 words

the invader, goddess of the electric / hand.

lance to drain   The Southampton Review   poetry 2019 Nov 67 words

what is a man / —but

findings at sea   Pretty Cool Poetry Thing   poetry 2019 Nov 120 words

once there was meaning / but I swallowed

fear cat   Uncanny Magazine   poetry 2019 Nov 140 words

I avert / her diamond gaze.

Saoirse   Banshee   poetry 2019 Oct 81 words

The thing that runs through you.

lapis   Spillway   poetry 2019 Sep 53 words

blue were her hands, / and gaps in her teeth.

oubliette   Newmyths.com   poetry 2019 Sep 180 words

Breaking: Extraterrestrial Objects Found To Be Marketing Hoax

rope spawn    heal over   Pretty Cool Poetry Thing   poetry 2019 Sep 90 words

the red oaks all strings / not like artificial straw

what we gain in translation   Kweli Journal   poetry 2019 Sep 130 words

everything is // different. half of me too.

The Specular Boy   DreamForge Magazine   fiction 2019 Sep 4500 words

It didn't take long for Laura Herrera to notice that something was strange about her twins.

Pomegranate–Persephone | Summer, scalloped edges of (colorized)   Muse/A Journal    2019 Aug 280 words

Your bird protests, but she does not know winter.

Signal to Noise   Wikimedia Heart of Knowledge Contest   poetry 2019 Jul 200 words

They’re singing a chanson outside.

Pearling   Liminality   poetry 2019 Jun 90 words

I've gone and cast your words into the sea.

new mass | Only Found in Dreams   Book XI: A Journal of Literary Philosophy   poetry 2019 May 180 words

the body is light and fruit. / the mind is color and water.

seven heads   RECLAIM: An Anthology of Women's Poetry   poetry 2019 May 360 words

why did she take residence in you, how did she grow?

sundown   Through the Gate   poetry 2019 May 220 words

the clock chimes six and / you transform into a different person.

Firelight, Firebright | runes, ruins   Astral Waters Review   poetry 2019 May 230 words

I have seen the light, / and you will be struck blind.

____sheet   Prolit   poetry 2019 May 80 words

once you get through / the nerves there is no pain.

sun caves | sea-child, sea-mother   The Hellebore   poetry 2019 Apr 230 words

without / light there are no things, there / is no shadow.

Sunday Cleansing   ellipsis...Literature & Art   poetry 2019 Apr 120 words

I can tell you're / thinking of your heart things again.

metaflor 01 | metaflor 10 | Things I’m Not   filling Station   poetry 2019 Apr 190 words

myself a vessel for / the eternal things.

man drawn   soft surface   poetry 2019 Mar 63 words

she goes between / the flat and real with // a thought.

Outfield   Syntax & Salt   fiction 2019 Mar 400 words

On the tarpaulin I lay your body, cold and rigid as the geometry you love.

  • Best of the Net nominee, 2019.
  • Read by me at Story Hour (starts 25:43), 2020.

Ruby, Ruby, Black Sand   The Bare Life Review   fiction 2019 Mar 3200 words

The neighbor’s girl coughs rubies and sapphires.

But for Grace   If This Goes On   fiction 2019 Mar 5000 words

Vivian clutched the bag in her lap and thought of winged things.

Dark the Sky, Rust the Earth   Gorgon: Stories of Emergence   fiction 2019 Feb 900 words

...a beat beneath his feet, a quickening in his pulse.

Majorana, Back Again   Strange Horizons   poetry 2019 Feb 200 words

“What do you mean, backwards?”

something resembling good news   The Knicknackery   poetry 2019 Feb 180 words

why we only love people after they die/I don't understand.

Shelly Scully | litotes | five forms of tigers   Argot Magazine   poetry 2019 Jan 300 words

I am thinking of a sharp thing.

Gas, Light   Califragile   poetry 2019 Jan 150 words

You whisper sweet crude nothings.

Steeped in Stars   Uncanny Magazine   poetry 2019 Jan 300 words

roots, not wings.

sky king toast   Truancy Magazine   poetry 2018 Dec 110 words

my egg opens over the breakfast/pan

Peripheral #13   Martian Magazine   fiction 2018 Nov 100 words

Are you oriented?

Do you love me more than the stars?   Helios Quarterly Magazine   fiction 2018 Nov 1400 words

I laughed at your question in the glittery grass, our only cover the mantle of twilight.

cardioid   Uncanny Magazine   poetry 2018 Nov 61 words

slip between the grating of my/ribs

Sievelike   Isacoustic   poetry 2018 Oct 110 words

The lump on the back of my skull is not/draining

Seraphima   Liminality   poetry 2018 Jun 190 words

I did not know it would hurt/this much to turn into an angel.

  • Rhysling nominee, 2018.

Cast Off Tight   Fireside   fiction 2018 Jun 3200 words

It is all an accident.

  • Locus Recommended Reading, 2018.

Swallow   Uncanny Magazine   poetry 2018 Mar 100 words

At night we dream of falling.

The Noctilucent Paradox in E Minor   XPRIZE   fiction 2017 Sep 4000 words

The cello is her voice box and she lets it out.

Tattooed Helix   Story Seed Vault   fiction 2017 Aug 24 words

When her allergies flare...

Jurassic Jaws Jones   Nature Futures   fiction 2017 Jun 1000 words

So you want to be an actor, huh?